Escaping Constraining Cinema Conventions | ‘Be Still’ Director Elizabeth Lazebnik On Women’s History, Surrealism, and Persistence

Writer-director of ‘Be Still’ digs into the making of her directorial debut and how she wanted to bring surrealist pioneer Hannah Maynard’s life story to the screen.

“Representation Matters So Much” | Shay Revolver on Lost Careers, Stereotypes, Real Life Pain and Becoming the Change

“I also do it because I want my mom to, hopefully, before she goes—which hopefully isn’t for a long time—to see, Look mom, there’s a change –  we don’t have to be maids anymore. We don’t have to do this anymore!” 

Representation in Romantic Movies – From Modern Classics to Hidden Gems

Romcoms and dramas with feminist, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ perspectives.