Get to know the inspiring women we’ve had the pleasure to have on our show!

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ELAN MCALLISTER: #41 | Bringing Truth to Screen

Elan is a former theatre producer and current midwife who also works as a birth consultant in the creative performance scene. She most notably worked as the official birth consultant for the movie Pieces of a Woman (2020), which is known for its riveting 24-minute birth scene.

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ORIANE PICK: #39 | Awareness v. Exploitation

Oriane is an actress and producer who has played many multi-dimensional characters with a unique story, always aiming at subverting taboos, across all topics and genres. She is also the founder of Candid Broads Productions, a production company dedicated to amplifying diversity and emerging artists.

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SUMMER SPIRO: #38 | The Music of Editing

Summer is an L.A. based actress and editor with a background in theatre and music. She most notably played the lead and also edited PLATONIC (watch it on YouTube), an indie web series about modern relationships, especially LGBTQ+ ones.

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ROXY SHIH: #37 | The Dirty Laundry of Filmmaking

Roxy is an award-winning director with a background in producing micro-budget features. She is also the co-founder of the TAFF festival in L.A. and the co-host of Two Horny Goats. Most of her directorial work is based in horror; this includes Painkillers (2019), Dark/Web (2019), and Mira Mira (2021).

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NIKKI PETERSEN: #36 | How to Be a Successful Freelancer in the Film Industry

Nikki is an American director living in Paris. She is highly successful and has produced everything from narrative fiction, documentaries, and commercials. Some of the companies she has worked with include YouTube Originals, Vogue, Armani, Lancôme, and Google.

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PAM MUNTER: #35 | Ageism and Abuse in Hollywood

Pam is a film historian, former performer, retired clinical psychiatrist, and the author of several books including Fading Fame: Women of a Certain Age in Hollywood. The book is a collection of short stories and plays telling the untold stories of women, of a certain age, living after fame.

Read our piece on ageism | Listen to the episode | Pam’s website

SARAH FRANCO: #34 | Stories with Impact

Jade is an entrepreneur, performance artist, and environmental activist. She is the founder of Entertainment for Change. She is also one of the creators and leads of Jade & Jaded, a comedy web-series that follows two eco-conscious millennials fumbling their way through saving the planet.

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SARAH FRANCO: #34 | Stories with Impact

Sarah, a self-proclaimed NYC bagel, is a comedian, writer, actress, and musician with a background in musical theatre. She is one of the creators and leads of Jade & Jaded — and eco-conscious web series — and is currently working on another web show called Lockdown Living.

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CARIS RIANNE: #33 | Be the Change You Want to See

Caris is a British writer-director and founder of the film organisation Rianne Pictures, which produces shorts, features, web series, and also hosts mentorships and the Women X festival. She is dedicated to making filmmaking accessible and celebrate the works of marginalised groups.

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ANA PIO: #32 | Taboos on Screen

Ana is a Portuguese-born, U.K. based writer and director of shorts such as I Welcome You to This House, ODE, EDEN, and PMS. She has a particular focus on destigmatizing women’s relationship with blood, periods, and hormones. She is currently working on her feature debut.

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ELLA GREENWOOD: #31 | Mental Health in Film

Ella is a 19-year-old filmmaker and mental health activist from London. She is the founder of Broken Flames, a production company dedicated to stories about mental health, and is the writer-director of the upcoming feature Self Charm—starring Bukky Bakray.

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KARINA MICHEL: #31 | Mental Health in Film

Karina is a former actress and current film producer and podcast host focused on mindfulness and mental health awareness. She is also the producer of the upcoming feature Self Charm, directed by Ella Greenwood.

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SUZANNE SMITH: #29 | Making the Casting Room a Safe Space

Suzanne is an Emmy-winning casting director who has worked across live theatre, cinema, and television. In recent years, she has amongst others casted the shows Good Omens, Warrior Nun, and Outlander.

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BROOKE TRANTOR: #27 | Eating Disorder Awareness in Film & TV

Brooke is an actor, writer, director, and improviser with a keen eye for comedy and personal stories. Her directorial filmography includes Yours Are Mine and most recently Oh Baby! She has also starred in NBC’s The Enemy Within and the comedy movie, Misfits.

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IPEK ENSARI: #26 | Spreading Awareness Through Film

Ipek is a Canadian science researcher and the co-director, producer, writer, and narrator of Endomic – a short animated documentary about endometriosis; a condition affecting 1 of 10 menstruating people across the globe. Through her work, she aims to make science more accessible to the general public.

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CAMILLE HOLLETT-FRENCH : #26 | Spreading Awareness Through Film

Camille is a Canadian writer, director, and actor. Her work includes Her story – a three part shoft film anthology series about shame, sexuality, and assault. Most recently, she co-directed, wrote, and starred in Endomic.

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GRETL CLAGGETT: #25 | Personal Transformation Through Filmmaking

Gretl is an American poet, writer, and director using the art of storytelling as a way of personal transformation and reflection. Her work includes Happy Hour, and most recently the award-winning film Stormchaser.

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CHELSEA CHRISTER: #24 | 6 Years – 1 Documentary: The Making of Bleeding Audio

Chelsea is an award-winning filmmaker based in San Francisco. She has made two fiction shorts and most recently directed the documentary Bleeding Audio – a six year passion project covering the punk-rock band, The Matches.

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ERIN PERSLEY: #24 | 6 Years – 1 Documentary: The Making of Bleeding Audio

Erin is the producer of Bleeding Audio, and an award-winning documentary filmmaker and producer. With her work, she aims to tell compelling, personal stories that offer insight and connect disparate communities.

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TIA WHITE: #23 | We Need Diversity in Film Criticism

Tia is a CSUS Journalist and Film Studies graduate and the co-creator of FilmmeNoire—a film review and history platform dedicated to showcasing the past and present of cinema arts; and their connectivity of humans across various demographics.

Read her profile | Listen to the episode | Instagram: @FilmmeNoire

FIONA MILLER: #22 | The Secret World of Extras

Fiona is a casting agent for one of the leading casting agencies in Scotland: GMB Casting. They have worked on several high-end movies and tv series with companies such as Netflix, HBO, and the BBC.

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LEE PHILLIPS: #19 | Creative Processes & Sustainability

Lee is a New York based screenwriter and freelancer, who sat down with us to talk about the importance of creating a sustainable work ethic that values mental health, inspiration, and appreciation for the arts over forced productivity.

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HELEN HUANG: #18 | Empowering Outfits & Superhero(ine)s

Helen is an Emmy award-winning costume designer who has worked on projects including, but not limited to, American Horror Story: Hotel, Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey (stunt reshoots), and the Emma Roberts’ romcom, Holidate.

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HERDÍS STEFÁNSDÓTTIR: #17 | Composing Soundtracks

Herdís is an Icelandic musician and film score composer who composed the soundtrack for The Sun is Also a Star. She also worked in the music department for The Hate U Give, and had her internship under composer Jóhann Jóhannsson.

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DR ALISON PEIRSE: #16 | Horror Films & Feminism

Alison is a film professor with an expertise in women’s history in the horror genre. She is also writer/editor of the books: After Dracula, Korean Horror Cinema, and Women Make Horror: Filmmaking, Feminism, and Genre.

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LYN SISSON-TALBERT: #15 | Breaking Barriers in the Film Industry

Lyn is a highly accomplished Hollywood producer with a background in theatre. Alongside her husband, she created and produced the Netflix Christmas musical, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey.

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NAOMI MCDOUGALL-JONES: #14 | The Revolution for Women in Film is Here

Naomi is a women-in-film activist, producer, screenwriter, actress (Imagine I’m Beautiful and Bite Me), TED Talker, and author of The Wrong Kind of Women: Inside Our Revolution to Dismantle the Gods of Hollywood.

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AVERY LOOSER: #13 | Creating Your Own Film Company

Avery is a NYC based filmmaker, film student, and founder of the production company BraveMouse LLC; a company dedicated to amplifying women’s voices on screen and on set, with a 51% female crew-mandate.

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AMBRE VANNESTE: #13 | Creating Your Own Film Company

Ambre is a Belgium based screenwriter, film student, and creator of the short-film streaming website,, a platform dedicated to showcase and support indie filmmakers and their work.

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JENNIFER STARZYK: #12 | The Art of Costume Design

Jen is a phenomenal costume designer with years of experience. She most recently worked as the head of costume design on Mindhunter (Season 2), Bill & Ted Face the Music, and Lisa Joy’s upcoming Reminiscence!

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SONEJUHI SINHA: #11 | Creating Flawed Characters

Sonejuhi is a writer, director, editor, and producer. Her work includes the award winning documentaries These Birds Walk and Homegoings, the Cannes film festival selected short film Love Comes Later, and her directorial feature debut Stray Dolls.

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KAREN MAINE: #9 | Women’s Sexuality in the Media

Karen is an indie filmmaker and the writer behind the comedy-drama Obvious Child. In 2020, her directorial feature debut Yes, God, Yes—a movie about a Catholic teenager discovering her sexuality—was released on Netflix.

Listen to the episode | Instagram: @Karen__Maine

JEANIE FINLAY: #8 | The Art of Documentary Filmmaking

Jeanie is a British artist and documentarian with an eye for the making of pop culture phenomenona. Her work includes HBO’s Game of Thrones: The Last Watch, Seahorse, and The Great Hip Hop Hoax.

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ELLA FIELDS: #7 | Going Viral

Ella is a young, L.A. based artist, photographer, and filmmaker sharing her work on her YouTube channel. At just 13, her short film Stereo went viral—since then she has kept telling powerful stories while finding her own creative voice.

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CHLOE BALDWIN: #6 | The Secret World of Stunts

Chloe is a Chicago based actress, filmmaker, stunt performer, and violence designer. From the theatre stage, cinema screen, to her own web-series, she tells stories through movement, while teaching women the true power of their bodies.

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AMELIA NASHE: #5 | Mental Health Awareness in TV

Amelia is a writer who’s written for screen, stage, page, and radio, and was selected to be part of the BBC Writers Room Scottish Voices 2020. A reoccurring theme in her work is mental illness, an issue she advocates to destigmatise in the media.

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AMY PARRACK: #4 | Women in Set

Amy is a British filmmaker with a focus on stories of self discovery, production assistant, and BFI Academy alumni. She as a P.A. on Disney’s upcoming Cruella, and is the creator of short films My Authentic Self and Beneath My Skin.

Listen to the episode | Instagram: @Amy_Parrack

SHOLA ADESINA: #3 | The Power of Authenticity in Film

Shola is a London/Leeds based P.A., camera op/assistant, journalist student, and BFI Academy alumni. She worked at CTVC where she assisted on projects for BBC, Bitesize, BFI, and Discovery Channel. She was also a reporter for Get Into Film.

Listen to the episode | Instagram: @SholaGram

S. MICHAELA MCCOOL: #2 | Making Your Way Through Film School

Michaela is a Glasgow based writer, producer, videographer, editor, and film student. She has made two short films, cinematography for a Jazz Revue and at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, and written screenplays.

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SHAMAILA ZAMAN: #2 | Making Your Way Through Film School

Shamaila is a Glasgow based photographer and film student.

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