“Representation Matters So Much” | Shay Revolver on Lost Careers, Stereotypes, Real Life Pain and Becoming the Change

“I also do it because I want my mom to, hopefully, before she goes—which hopefully isn’t for a long time—to see, Look mom, there’s a change –  we don’t have to be maids anymore. We don’t have to do this anymore!” 

Women in Fantasy Aren’t Your Fantasies | A Critique of the Male Gaze in Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies

Can we please put an end to the skimpy warrior outfits and high heels in sci-fi and fantasy movies?

What’s in a Name? How One Simple Mistake in POC Characterization Can Affect the Representation as a Whole

In a name, there is history, tradition, culture, and love, so why is it that Hollywood and other platforms of entertainment keep choosing the most generic, stereotypical, and easily pronounceable names for characters?