About us

Malin Evita and Shania Bethune created Making It: Women in Film in July 2019. They met each other at a storytelling course after moving to Glasgow to pursue filmmaking, but after a while, they got tired of being taught about the industry and the art of cinema through a male lens. So they took matters into their own hands and began seeking out advice directly from the source.

Half a year later and the podcast has turned into a film-loving platform that now includes our active Instagram (@MakingItWomenInFilm) and online magazine featuring reviews, opinion pieces, statistics, etc. amplifying diverse voices and promoting change within the industry.

Please note that we have no affiliation with Women in Film , nor Women in Film and TV, although both are excellent organisations for all working women in the film and TV industry.!

Meet the team

Malin Evita | Host, Writer, Curator

Evita is the host and producer of the podcast and a writer focused on script, cultural commentary, and film analysis. She is a Vocal grand prize winner and received her HNC in Professional Writing Skills. Through storytelling, she aims to amplify empathy and human connectivity.

Instagram: @MalinEvita, Website: MalinEvita.com

Lauren V. San Miguel | Writer

Lauren is a contributing writer to the Women in Film zine and is currently based in the U.S. She focuses mainly on fiction writing, screenplays, and political journalism and plans to study law in the future. Her free time is spent learning new languages and listening to soundtracks, occasionally watching the movies that belong to them!

Instagram: @LVSanMiguel

Shania Bethune | Co-founder

Former co-host and editor Shania is currently studying Film Production at university. She also works as the creative social media director for the casting agency GBM Casting. She directs and produces fashion campaigns in Glasgow—something she’d love to pursue further in the future, alongside creating her own production company!

Instagram: @ShaniaBethune & @ShaniaFilm