About us

Making It: Women in Film is a multi-media platform created by Malin Evita and Shania Bethune in July of 2020. From sitting down with leading female filmmakers and talking about their experiences and advice, to discussing stereotypes and the matter of representation, our mission is to bring the voices of those who have been systematically excluded for much too long to the forefront. Women have played an essential role in cinema since its very conception, and it is about time that the impact from generations and the present is given a spotlight. Not just to honour the work of those before us, but to let every girl out there who aspires to be a filmmaker that she, too, can make it.

Over the years, we have released over fifty interviews with vividly insightful women – from Hollywood to Paris, and directors to costume designers. And as of summer 2021, we have also launched the Making It: Women in Film editorial site featuring even more insightful profiles, essays, and reviews. It has truly become a fantastic community of fiery women supporting each other.

Now partnered with the British production company Reedeeming Features, we have produced our second season of the show, now available to listen to wherever you get your podcasts. For updates on that, follow us on Instagram @MakingItWomenInFilm.

*Please note that we have no affiliation with Women in Film , nor Women in Film and TV, although both are excellent organisations for working women in the film and TV industry!

The Team

Malin Evita | Founder & Host

Originally from Denmark, now with homes around the world, Evita is the founder and host of the podcast and a writer focused on fiction and culture. She is a Vocal grand prize winner and recently received her HNC in Professional Writing Skills. Dedicated to amplify women’s voices in the industry, she also strives to use storytelling as a way of empathy and human connectivity.

Instagram: @MalinEvita, Website: MalinEvita.com

Lauren V. San Miguel | Writer & Researcher

Lauren is a contributing writer to the Women in Film editorial department and podcast researcher. She is currently based in Mexico and focuses mainly on fiction writing, screenplays, and political journalism and plans to study law in the future. Her free time is spent learning new languages and listening to soundtracks, occasionally watching the movies that belong to them!

Instagram: @LVSanMiguel

Ruth Aitken | Production Supervisor

Ruth Aitken is originally from the Scottish Borders, and has just finished university, specialising in producing. She is very passionate about equality within both cast and crew, and with her future projects, she believes there is opportunity to create a diverse set and provide equal opportunities for all. She is passionate about using the medium of film to create change.


Shania Bethune | Co-founder

Originally from Aberdeen, co-founder and former co-host Shania has recently graduated from university with a degree in Film Production, and is currently working as Production Co-ordinator in Manchester.

Instagram: @ShaniaBethune & @ShaniaFilm

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