Shownotes: #25 | Personal Transformation Through Filmmaking with Gretl Claggett

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This week on Making It: Women in Film, Evita and Shania sat down with AMC’s Best Female Creator of 2020, writer-director Gretl Claggett. With extensive experience in the arts, Gretl shared her insight on how to use storytelling as a way of personal transformation, and gave out some excellent advice on indie filmmaking – from production, rejection, and film festivals.

In case some moments stood out to you and you want to revisit them, or if you just don’t have the time to sit through an hour long conversation, here are the timestamps for the episode to help guide your way through!

00.30 —  Growing up surrounded by a love for art and cinema.

04.30 —  Perseverance through art and storytelling and her shift from performance and prose to filmmaking.

10.50 —  Drawing from real-life experiences to tell personal stories that resonate with others.

20.30 —  Enhancing filmmaking with technology in an organic way and Gretl’s approach to filming Stormchaser.

30.40 —  The production process of Stormchaser: From poem to award-winning film.

38.00 —  The most important lesson she has learned as an independent filmmaker.

43.00 —  On the future of the film industry and why there needs to be a better support system for independent filmmakers.

46.40 —  Hustle culture and creative differences between the U.K. and the U.S.

51.00 —  Advice on festival circuiting for aspiring and new filmmakers.

58.30 — Women who inspire shout out: Her mother, Dorothy Claggett, and actress Julianne Moore, who narrated Gretl’s short film debut, Happy Hour.

Enjoy! Read the interview excerpt here to learn more about Gretl and her journey. Follow Gretl on Instagram @GretlMarlene and check out her website for more information on her work.

This episode was hosted by Malin Evita and Shania Bethune, guest-starring Gretl Claggett, and edited by Malin Evita.

#25 | Personal Transformation Through Filmmaking with Gretl Claggett Making It: Women in Film

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